“Allen and his band make each member of the audience feel like they are at a private concert. Their super music and honest performance make for GREAT entertainment. If you get the chance to hear the Allen Biffle Band don’t pass it up!”

Randy Warren, Owner – okielive.com

“The best part for me is the fact that they cover all the country music I hear on the radio, the classics and the new stuff, but they have a ton of great original music too!”

Derrick Sims, ABB Fan

“The guys in the Allen Biffle Band are great people, great performers and they play great music. What I like about them, is that they don’t just setup, play and leave. They are extremely appreciative of my customers and they always talk to them and make them feel at home in my establishment. Their talent and people skills are what keeps me hiring them back to play again and again.”

Coriene Riley, Owner – Riley’s Place, Marlow, OK