Who We Are

The Allen Biffle Band infuses the feel of past county story telling lyrics and the crispness of pop and alternative music influence with a bit of Red Dirt edge. Founded in Duncan, Oklahoma in October of 2011, ABB members include Allen Biffle – guitar and lead vocals, Drew Sloan – lead guitar, Nannette Massie –  vocals,  Greg Solomon – bass guitar and Greg (G) Langely – Drums.

With over 120 years of combined experience, the band members combine their various and extensive background together to form one cohesive sound and thought process. “Music is a way for us to tell stories of life and share relevant emotions and connect with our audience.”

When you attend an Allen Biffle Band show, then you will certainly experience these emotions. From slow dancin’ to two stepin’ and line dancin’ to booty shakin’, there is certainly something for everyone.

“I love the Allen Biffle Band! We attend their shows as often as we can. I love being able to slow two-step with my husband, and then grab my girlfriend the next song and really be able to Rock out!” – Susan Johnson, ABB Fan

The Allen Biffle Band is a journey for it’s members, friends, family, and fans worth remembering. With good times ahead, they look forward to every step of the next adventure and were that will lead.

“The best part for me is the fact that they cover all the country music I hear on the radio, the classics and the new stuff, but they have a ton of great original music too!”
– Derrick Sims, ABB Fan

Allen Biffle, the song writer for ABB, expresses himself through emotionally driven lyrics drawing from his own life experiences. These originals incorporate love, humor, pain, family, and just good times, all played at a variety of tempos and feels that keep a crowd entertained and on their toes anticipating what’s coming next.

With passion and drive, ABB has taken their talent and become a musical force to be reckoned with. They have big goals in sight but will rarely turn down an opportunity to play. With song choices comprised mainly of country, with rock, pop and oldies hits mixed in, The Allen BIffle Band is a perfect choice for any event, party, festival, casino, club or any other venue you can dream up. Book them and see for yourself!